Grant-Valkaria, Florida

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Sustainable, responsible and delicious local food.

We are a community-based hydroponic farm in Grant Valkaria, Florida. Our Ultra Fresh and Delicious produce is grown above ground without soil. Our plants are grown in a sterile perlite/coconut fiber substrate in vertical grow towers that receive just the right amount of water and nutrients by means of a computer controlled irrigation system that delivers water to the crops two to four times daily. This system not only conserves energy and water use, it reduces insect infestation and the need to use potentially harmful insecticides. Our system’s crop yields are five to ten times that of traditional ground farming methods.

We Invite You to Taste the Liberty Farm Difference.

We are currently accepting invitations to join our Community Supported Agriculture program and enjoy a weekly supply of fresh, local produce. Every week during growing seasons, usually about 10 weeks, CSA members will come down to Liberty Farms and pick up their basket of a variety of freshly-harvested hydroponically grown vegetables. That should be enough to supply a family of four fresh, locally grown produce for a week. If that sounds like a lot for you to consume in that time, you can go in with a friend, cut your price in half, and still enjoy the benefits of delicious and nutritious local vegetables.

Liberty Farms Country Store

Our Country Store is Open by Appointment Only.

We're in between crops, so our store and farm are temporarily closed to the public except by appointment. We will reopen with regular hours in the fall once we begin harvesting our fall crops.

U-Pick Strawberries

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Looking forward to our inaugural crop February 2015! Load the family in the car and drive out to Liberty Farms to pick your own mouth-watering, ultra-fresh strawberries. Join our mailing list to stay up to date about this exciting program!

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