Grant-Valkaria, Florida

Farm-picLiberty Farms of Florida sits on 2.75 acres of pristine land on Corey Road in Grant-Valkaria, Florida

Nothing beats the fresh air and “front porch” ambiance of rural Florida. This lush property has been cleared and fenced and houses a 2 1/2″ deep well along with a 2,500 square foot barn.

“Indoor” Crops

Currently we have four 19′ x 72′ shade houses with 312 towers yielding  6,240 plants. Between these shade houses are open areas with 156 towers growing 3,120 plants.

Outdoor Crops

Outdoor crops are grown under the open sky in 1,000 five-gallon pots. Each pot holds three or four plants for a total of 3,000 to 4,000 plants.


We have  576 towers for strawberries which will yield 11,520 plants. Once we obtain a good crop, we’ll be hosting U-Pick Strawberry sessions for a day of family fun. The growing time for strawberries is Oct. 1 through May 30. Other crops will be grown in these towers during strawberries off season.

Liberty Farms Country Store

Our Country Store is Open by Appointment Only.

We're in between crops, so our store and farm are temporarily closed to the public except by appointment. We will reopen with regular hours in the fall once we begin harvesting our fall crops.

U-Pick Strawberries

Strawberry 7

Looking forward to our inaugural crop February 2015! Load the family in the car and drive out to Liberty Farms to pick your own mouth-watering, ultra-fresh strawberries. Join our mailing list to stay up to date about this exciting program!

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