Grant-Valkaria, Florida


Sustainable, responsible and delicious local food.

We are a community-based NON-GMO, hydroponic farm in Grant Valkaria, Florida. Our Ultra Fresh and Delicious produce is grown above ground. Our plants are grown in a sterile perlite/coconut fiber substrate in vertical grow towers that receive just the right amount of water and nutrients by a state of the art computer controlled irrigation system that delivers water to the crops two to four times daily. This system not only conserves energy and water use, it reduces insect infestation and the need to use potentially harmful insecticides, allowing us to use organic sprays. Our system’s crop yields are five to ten times that of traditional ground farming methods.





We invite you to taste the difference.

We are currently accepting invitations to join our program and enjoy a weekly supply of fresh, local produce. Every week during growing seasons, usually about 10 weeks, CSA members will come down to one of our pick up spots (at the farm in Grant, or at Blenders in Indiatlantic) on Fri 10-4 or Sat 10-2, and pick up their basket of a variety of freshly-harvested, NON-GMO, hydroponically grown vegetables. That should be enough to supply a family of 2 fresh, locally grown produce for a week.



Make an appointment to come to the farm and pick strawberries. (321) 345-5813. There’s only so many slots available so hurry and get yours!

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We now have local, raw honey honey. 1 lb and 2 lb bottles of Orange blossom and also Wildflower honey. 1 tsp a day for your allergies. It never goes bad, did you know that? 



Farm-picLiberty Farms of Florida sits on 2.75 acres of pristine land on Corey Road in Grant-Valkaria, Florida

Nothing beats the fresh air and “front porch” ambiance of rural Florida. This lush property has been cleared and fenced and houses a 2 1/2″ deep well along with a 2,500 square foot barn.

“Indoor” Crops

Currently we have four 19′ x 72′ shade houses with 312 towers yielding  6,240 plants. Between these shade houses are open areas with 156 towers growing 3,120 plants.

Outdoor Crops

Outdoor crops are grown under the open sky in 1,000 five-gallon pots. Each pot holds three or four plants for a total of 3,000 to 4,000 plants.


We have  576 towers for strawberries which will yield 11,520 plants. Once we obtain a good crop, we’ll be hosting U-Pick Strawberry sessions for a day of family fun. The growing time for strawberries is Oct. 1 through May 30. Other crops will be grown in these towers during strawberries off season.

CSA Pick Up

Mon-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm Sat 10:00am- 2:00pm

Mon-Fri 10:00am-4:00pm
          Sat 10:00am- 2:00pm             Pick up your baskets or purchase available produce at the farm, 4540 Corey rd, Grant-Valkaria. 


Beachside CSA Pick Up
photoMon, Tues, or Sat 10am-4pm Pick up your baskets beachside at Blenders. 200 S Miramar, Indiatlantic
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